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How to apply nail polish
2023-10-17 15:21:29
Correct steps for applying nail polish

First apply the nail polish, then the color polish. When applying, first apply the middle part of the nail along the root of the nail, and then apply it to both sides of the nail. After the nail polish is dry, apply a layer of bright nail polish. . The same goes for toenail polish.

How to apply nail polish evenly

There are two reasons for uneven nail polish application. One is because the nail surface is uneven, and the other is because the amount of nail polish is not controlled when applying. Therefore, before applying nail polish, we must first polish the nails smooth with a nail polisher, and then wipe away the grease and dirt with an alcohol pad. When applying nail polish, gently press the brush on the edge of the nail polish bottle to remove excess nail polish, and then apply nail polish again so that it can be applied evenly.

How to dry nail polish quickly

You can use the cold air from a hair dryer, or place your nail polish-painted hands in ice water to quickly dry the nail polish you just painted. Or when we apply nail polish, we only apply a thin layer at a time, so that it dries much faster.

What should you pay attention to when applying nail polish

When applying nail polish, it is best to use sterilized manicure tools and apply nail polish in a ventilated environment. In addition, we should pay attention to reducing the use of quick-drying nail polish because its chemical ingredients are unsafe and harmful to health after use.
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