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Introduction to nail polish knowledge
2023-10-17 15:19:06

what is nail polish

Nail polish is a cosmetic used to increase the beauty of nails. It can form a friction-resistant film on the nail surface to protect and beautify the nails.

Types of nail polish

There are many types of nail polish. According to the appearance and texture of nail polish, it can be divided into glossy nail polish, water-based nail polish, transparent nail polish, pearlescent nail polish, matte nail polish, fluorescent nail polish, etc.; according to the purpose of nail polish, It can be divided into base oil, color oil, bright oil, etc.

What harm does nail polish do to the body

Frequent application of nail polish is very harmful, because the ingredients of nail polish contain volatile solvents, digested cellulose, acetone and oil, etc. If these ingredients come into contact with the nails for a long time, they will cause the nails to turn yellow and dull, and even cause Paronychia occurs.

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