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OEM Production
OEM production, commonly known as OEM (production), basically means that brand producers do not directly produce products, but use the key core technologies they have mastered to design and develop new products, control sales channels, and specific processing tasks are ordered through contracts. The method is to entrust other manufacturers of similar products to produce them and directly affix their own brand trademarks.

Qianzixiu nail polish focuses on providing large packaging, OEM, design, color mixing, filling and other services for nail polish series related products to domestic and foreign brands. With its high cost performance, low minimum order quantity, professional supporting facilities, and considerate service, it has won the trust of foreign brands.

Controllable production cycle

Qianzixiu nail polish has an independently developed, industry-leading purchase, sales, inventory and order processing system. Generally, orders are controlled to be shipped within three to seven days, ensuring customers with quality and quantity, and on-time delivery, providing strong logistical support.

High cost performance

Qianzixiu nail polish, with its high-end quality and reasonable price, has gained a good reputation in the industry in the more than ten years since the company was established. Many customers have introduced each other and come here because of its reputation. Qianzixiu nail polish will continue to innovate and use the best quality to make the price lower and more cost-effective under the same quality premise. Qianzixiu is willing to work with customers to standardize market prices in the industry and allow the nail polish market to develop in a healthy and sustainable manner.

Low minimum order quantity

Traditional factory production has high minimum order quantity requirements, which increases the financial pressure and operational risks of brand owners. Qianzixiu nail polish relies on its own system and the flexible production capacity of the factory, considers the actual needs of customers, reduces the minimum order quantity, and provides support for customer brand development.

Professional supporting services

The provision of high-quality products is an important part of successful brand operation. Qianzixiu nail polish can provide customers with important reference opinions and recommended social resources in terms of brand positioning, channel promotion, market analysis, and user experience. .

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